Lifestyle180 – Leanness Lifestyle University

“Lose 10% of your present weight in six weeks, up to 89 pounds in 18 weeks, and be thrilled with the course, or I will double your money back.” – David Greenwalt (Founder)

On Wednesday, April 22nd we’re accepting a small number of new students into our next 18-week weight-loss course and we’re going to coach them through an amazing, life-changing journey of body transformation.

On this page is a letter that covers every aspect of my Lifestyle180 weight-loss course, a program guaranteed to help you lose 10% of your present weight in just six weeks and as much as 89 pounds in 18 weeks.

I strongly urge you to turn off other distractions, get somewhere quiet and commit time to give this page your full attention and read every word. When you’re finished, if you’re interested in joining us and changing your body and your life, I strongly recommend you Enroll Now because seats in the course are limited.

What Is Lifestyle180? What Should I Expect? Who Is Lifestyle180 For? When Is Lifestyle180 Offered? Do I Attend Lifestyle180 In Person? Who Designed This Program? Is Lifestyle180 Guaranteed? Do I Need A Gym Membership? What If I’m Currently Nursing An Injury Back To Health? What’s Required To Participate? Can I Use My Phone or Tablet? Can I Do This If I’m Vegan? I’ve Had Bariatric Surgery Do I Qualify? Why Limit the Course to a Small Number of Students? What If I’ve Tried Everything Before And Failed? How Is Lifestyle180 Structured? What Exactly Do I Get As a Student? What About Other Weight-Loss Programs and Services? Is do-it-yourself the holy grail? Is a personal trainer the solution? Are ready-to-eat meals the answer? How…

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