Low Carbs and Sugars eGuide — The Substitution Solution by Margaret Barton

Want to lose & manage your weight permanently while continuing to eat most of your favorite foods? Of course you do, and I’m here to show you how to do it!

I lost 40 Lbs in 6 months, the secret is to substitute healthy foods for unhealthy high-sugar, high-carb products.

Hello, my name is Margaret Barton! Not too long ago I was fat, tired, and miserable; I looked in my mirror every morning and hardly recognized the person looking back at me! Last year I made a commitment to myself to take responsibility for my weight and my health. As a result of that decision and joining a local weight loss clinic, I lost forty pounds and now feel wonderful. Going through the process of losing and maintaining weight made me aware of everyone around me who was also fat, tired and miserable! If these words resonate with you, know that there is help for you. During my weight loss journey I maintained a list of sites from which I order low carb and low sugar products. By substituting foods, I was able to lose and maintain my weight; I’m thrilled. So many people asked me about my list that I decided to put it in a handy-dandy guide form and here it is.

“This book is a must-have resource for healthy living. Margaret has researched and suggested healthy low-carb, low-sugar products which are so important for weight loss. As a professional committed to my clients dental care, this book with its focus on non-low sugar products is also important for the maintenance of dental health. Thank you, Margaret!” 

*The links and pictures in this eGuide may not open on all tablets or smart phones. iPad users please open in iBooks. This…

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