One Page Diet Plan

This simple diet plan works and it works quick if you follow it. This plan outlines a simple routine with the correct foods to support weight loss. No starving yourself or exercising obsessively, just a simple one page plan and healthy food choices that support weight loss.

I have experimented with many diets over the years from Atkins to calorie counting. Generally speaking there are plusses and minuses to all of them, but overall, the most difficult thing about dieting is determining what you should eat and making it a habit. Most diet plans make it so complicated to determine what to eat or require you to track everything. Not the One Page Diet Plan! Knowing that I needed a plan for myself that was super simple and that would work whether I was traveling, working or at home, I set out to create a weekly schedule. I outlined what to eat every day using food that I knew would help me lose weight based on common sense and research of other diets. So, I created a weekly plan with the simplest, healthiest and easiest to find food and combined that with Slow Carb diet techniques which helped me lose significant weight.

As I said earlier, the key to making a diet work is making it a habit. To make something a habit, it must be simple and convenient. Combine the simplicity with the right foods that will fill you up and help your metabolism burn fat and you will have success. I have found the simplest foods and I have laid out a easy to follow plan.

Remember, results will very based on body type and how strict you are with regards to the plan. I can not guarantee results, but if this diet does not help you, we…

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