The Venus Factor – Success Stories

You made a promise to yourself that you would, one day, have a body you can truly be comfortable within… one that gives you the confidence to show off the beautiful woman you truly are, inside and out.

Lisa after her weight loss, weighing 147 lbs

Wanting a better butt may sound vain, yet it’s not. Here’s the reason: you intuitively know that having a great butt means having your ideal body.

When your butt is top-notch, the rest of your body follows! And, let’s just be honest: we both love the feeling of turning heads when we walk in the room… or, perhaps having just that one special person in your life turn their head when you walk by.


Julie Johnson – Payson, Utah

Weight loss 39 lbs, waist loss 9″ and hips loss 3.5″

I promise you: it feels fantastic… and until recently, I never knew it was possible to have a butt and body like that. In fact, my butt used to carry a lot of fat, had no tone, had a lot of cellulite, and was by far my least favorite part of my body.

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